Kolar Gold Fields

Kolar Gold Fields (KGF) became one of the principal gold mines in India and is placed withinside the Kolar district in Karnataka, near the metropolis of Bangalore. 

It became closed in 2003 because of lowering deposits and growing costs. The mine is taken into consideration the international's 2nd inner most gold mine.


Kolar Gold Fields
Gold became first mined withinside the vicinity previous to the 2d and third century AD (golden gadgets determined in Harappa and Mohenjo-daro had been traced to KGF via impurities-analyis--the impurities consist of 11% silver concentration, determined best in KGF ore) through the digging of small pits. During the Chola duration withinside the ninth and tenth century AD the dimensions of the operation grew, however big-scale mining best got here withinside the 1850s below the British with greater manpower and complicated machinery. In 1873, M.F. Lavelle, a resident in Bangalore, implemented to the Mysore Government for the extraordinary privilege of mining withinside the Kolar district.

His request became granted and he started operations through sinking a shaft close to Urigam (Oorgaum) in 1875, however, locating that big capital could be required he, withinside the following yr and with the approval of the authorities, transferred all his rights and concessions to the past due Major General G. de l. a. Poer Beresford. Major General Beresford shaped a syndicate called the Kolar Concessionaries (now merged into the Gold Fields of Mysore Co.) which took up the problem in earnest, and progressively received the vicinity called the Kolar Gold Fields.The following had been the major Mines withinside the Gold Fields in 1905:- These are some minings on this metropolis The Mysore Gold Mine, Champion Reef Mine, Oorgaum Mine, Nundydroog Mine, Tank Block Mine, Balaghat Mine, Gold Fields of Mysore.

Birth of the metropolis:

The nearby Kannada talking villagers refused to paintings withinside the deep pits of the mines and so humans from the North and South Arcot districts of Tamil Nadu had been settled across the numerous Shafts and a metropolis became born. This is partly true.

Even nowadays locations withinside the vicinity have names harking back to the presence of British humans there; the 2 principal cities Robertsonpet and Andersonpet being named after British officials withinside the mines.

Also Bharat Earth Movers Limited (BEML) an Indian Public Sector Undertaking, has certainly considered one among its branches placed right here. It manufactures plenty of heavy equipment, consisting of that used for earth moving, transportation and mining. BEML included in May 1964, and started operations on January 1, 1965. It became utterly owned and operated through India's Ministry of Defense till 1992, while the authorities divested 25% of its holdings withinside the corporation.


Kannada and Tamil are broadly spoken through the humans right here aside from Telugu that's spoken through the local humans. Three hundred thousand humans lived withinside the Kolar Gold Fields at its height production, however because the final of mines in 2003 the populace has decreased to much less than 100 thousand. Signboards are displayed predominantly in Kannada, Tamil and English throughout KGF, and it's miles a bilingual city wherein humans can communicate 3 languages at ease.

People and subculture:

People from many one of a kind locations are settled withinside the Kolar Gold Fields. This consists of Tamil talking humans from the north and south Arcot districts of Tamil Nadu. There also are Native Telugu talking humans in addition to herbal migrants from neighbouring telugu talking regions consisting of Kuppam, Ramakuppam, V-kota and different locations from Chittoor district of Andhra Pradesh.

The local humans of Kolar district are essentially kannadigas with Telugu Influence, and who followed telugu from the fourteenth century. Tamil populations in the main got here from the British efforts to get employees for the mines and migrated from tamil nadu crossing the Andhra border into KGF. So the subculture has have an impact on of all of the 3 states Karnataka, Andhra Pradesh and Tamil Nadu. Given the combination of populace, many gala's are celebrated; the maximum well-known and famous one being the Lakshmi Venkateshwara Jaatre and Mother of Mines feast.

The mining health center has the difference of being the fine health center withinside the complete of the Kolar district. A goddess temple located close to through the health center is well-known due to the legend that it became constructed through British personnel. The Hospital is diagnosed for occupational ailment treatment. The Gold Company that's called Bharat Gold Mines Limited has pop out of numerous mixtures and permutations. The corporation has document of getting Morarji Desai as chairman of this corporation and a number of the erstwhile leader Ministers of Mystore country as chairmen.

Bharat Earth Movers Limited a most useful earth mover production corporation has a manufacturing unit placed in Kolar Gold fields.


KGF has an Engineering College, a Dental College, some Mining faculties and variety of exact faculties. KGF has were given a clinical university health center close by withinside the district Headquarters Kolar that's round forty five mins pressure from the city centre.

There are lot of outstanding personalities who had been born in KGF however made their area of interest at the worldwide scenario. One such well-known persona is Prof Dr T.M. Krishnaveni. Born withinside the Champion Reefs vicinity in 1939, she went on to finish her MPh from Tulane University USA and PhD from Bangalore University. She is the best man or woman from Karnataka to discern withinside the UN World Health Organisation's who's who withinside the Nursing field. Currently she is guiding potential PhD applicants in Bangalore.


Y.Sampangi is the modern M.L.A from Kolar Gold Field, the preceding leislators very usually understand are, M.Bakthavatchalam and S.Rajendran, Mr. K Rajendran is understand to contest all elections however has in no way one any of them, along with loosing deposit plenty of time.


Champion Reef mine shaft at KGFKolar Gold Fields became the primary metropolis in Asia to get electricity, from Shivanasamudra Hydo electric powered undertaking in Mandya District, Karnataka.

People from as some distance as Kolar ought to see the lighting fixtures of this as soon as rich metropolis

KGF became called "Little England" through the British, because of its greater temperate climate and a panorama greater much like Britain's. It additionally had a giant Anglo-Indian Population who labored withinside the numerous mines in one of a kind capacities.

The metropolis is at the Deccan Plateau of imperative and south India, approximately 3000 toes above sea level

The Champion Reefs mine became the second one inner most underground mine withinside the international while it became operational reached a intensity of 3200mts.

Silicosis, a shape of pneumoconiosis due to inhalation of crystalline silica dust, became first recognized in KGF

Longest passenger educate withinside the international is "Swarna Express" going from KGF to Bangalore.

NIMH had its headquarters in KGF

One can see the vintage British bungalows and homes even nowadays in exact form in KGF

KGF has been withinside the information these days in reference to the homicide of S. Manjunath, the Indian Oil Corporation (IOC) supervisor who became killed for doing his duty. He became from Vivek Nagar.

KGF performed a chief component withinside the prosperity of the British Empire

The particle experiments at Kolar Gold Fields, executed through a collaboration of particle physicists from Tata Institute of Fundamental Research (TIFR), Mumbai, OCU, JD University, UK recorded the pcrn interplay in an underground laboratory in KGF mines in 1965.

KGF additionally has the difference of getting a Golf route commenced through the Britisher's courting again to 1885 and affiliated to Indian Golf Union

KGF is the birthplace of Magsaysay Awardee Jockin Arputham, the originator and president of the NSDF- India

Australian cricketer Stuart Clark's Mother Mary Clark is from the Kolar Gold Fields, her own circle of relatives the Booseys are a well-known carrying own circle of relatives.

KGF High School hooked up in 1901 had numerous boys who have become international elegance athletes.Lesley Boosey withinside the 1940's represented India withinside the Triple & Long Jump and his son Derek Boosey represented Great Britain withinside the 1968 Mexico Olympic Games Triple Jump. Kenneth Powell represented India withinside the 1964 Tokyo Olympic video games withinside the a hundred Metres. Google Search Engine

[Mr K.M.Divakaran] is from KGF. He is a Vijaya Shree awardee and is in reality the ultimate guy status to Revive the Gold Mines

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